> About Tight Fit

219488_10150185877060488_6821092_oTight Fit is the original lineup of the 1980’s pop band – from left to right: Denise Gyngell (now Waterman), Steve Grant and Julie Harris.

Tight Fit shot to fame in 1982 to with the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  Here they are singing a version of the track in London’s Trafalgar Square at London Pride 2010.

The original lineup reformed in 2010 to address the requests they were receiving for performances and now sing live up and down the UK and in Europe.

Since their chart hits in the early 1980s, the past 30 years have been busy for the band, including:
Steve Grant returned to his roots in musical theatre, appearing in a number of musicals (such as Miss Saigon in the West End), before loosing most of his sight which led to a focus on recording studio work instead.
Julie Harris, who became a professionally qualified Chef, as well as a mum of three, has been in a number of successful bands such as Julie and the Gems playing live to audiences everywhere and performing lead vocals with the “Back To The Eighties” band.
Denise Waterman (nee Gyngell), who became a mum of two during her marriage to Pete Waterman, had a band with her two brothers following Tight Fit. She has worked as a TV presenter and professional entertainer, as well as founding her own theatre-camp school based in Wimbledon.

The ‘Tight Fit’ Trademark – Steve, Julie and Denise hold the trademark for Tight Fit with relation to all music and publishing.

5 thoughts on “> About Tight Fit

  1. just ordered the almightly cd xxx can steve answer a question….is any of the Splash releases on cd…ive been searching for years xx


  2. WOW. Tight Fit sound and look as great as they did back when I first saw them in the early 80’s as a teenager – and Julie in particular still looks as ravishing as she did to the rather impressionable me back then. Lol.


  3. Hello again

    Hello Tight Fit, welcome back,
    Fallout’s a class up-tempo track.
    I,I,I’ve been a fan since ’82,
    Love the sound of this song anew.

    An album is also delightful news,
    I’m ready to read the rave reviews.
    Each dawning day I patiently wait,
    For the arrival of its release date.

    By Fallout’s form it’s sure to impress,
    Be well received and secure success.
    I think fans agree undoubtedly,
    Tight Fit reformed is fab to see.

    Sensational sound is matched by you,
    All looking amazing honest and true.
    Hope you have a wonderful year,
    To all best wishes I send sincere.


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